Places of Worship 09

We all know that our lifestyle depends on the climate zone we are living in. The same is true for places of worship. In the Christian tradition the churches in warmer climate look different that the churches way up north. Both have their own beauty like this altar that I photographed in a small wooden church in Sweden.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Places of Worship 06

This week is “Holy week” in the Christian tradition and I like to continue with a photographic exercise that I did a few years ago on this blog. I challenge you to photograph places of worship. Many churches are currently decorated and I found that many Catholic churches are always open. As always enjoy this exercise!

I photographed this statue inside a church  by the name of Santa Maria e San Donato on the Island of Murano just outside of Venice. I used a 50m prime lens at f1.8 to get this image.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!