Shaky Stars

Please take this as a lesson of what not to do.

A while back Friedhelm, Dorothy and I went to Hornitos, a very small town in the California foothills, to do some night photography. Near the end of the evening I attempted a star trail. Grouping 46 30 second shots, with an interesting result. Note to self, get a intervelometer and use your sturdy tripod so you don’t shake the camera and end up with a interesting photo.

Bitte nehmen Sie dies als eine Lektion, was Sie nicht tun sollen.

Vor einiger Zeit gingen Friedhelm, Dorothy und ich nach Hornitos, einer sehr kleinen Stadt im kalifornischen Vorgebirge, um Nachtaufnahmen zu machen. Gegen Ende des Abends versuchte ich einen Sternenpfad. Gruppieren von 46 30-Sekunden-Aufnahmen mit einem interessanten Ergebnis. Notieren Sie sich ein Intervallometer und verwenden Sie Ihr stabiles Stativ, damit Sie die Kamera nicht schütteln und ein interessantes Foto erhalten.

Winds of Life

This is a digital double expose. I used two image that I combined in post production. The first image is a typical Fall color image. I used an old Helios 44 lens which created a bubbly background. Then I used a 180mm macro lens to photograph water in a blender. I used a sound sensor connected to my camera that triggered the camera whenever I turned the blender on.

The idea is that the wind moves the leaves and branches and the blades move the water. The leaves are warm colored and the water cold. Different movements, warm cold color contrast and still part of the same life!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Tree Rings

As I walked around the grounds of my family’s cabin, I noticed a pile of firewood stacked up very neatly and from afar it didn’t look like anything special. However, I framed the image to only focus on the rings of the wood and I thought this picture turned out beautiful. It’s simple but it reminds me of autumn and warm fires and all things comforting during the cold seasons. Happy Fall!

Hornitos All Souls Day Candle Walk.

On November 2, known as All Souls Day, in the small town of Hornitos, Ca.  a procession of several hundred people carrying candles and led by a local priest leaves the downtown plaza and walks to the cemetery located behind St. Catherine’s Church to honor those family members and friends who have passed.  At the cemetery, candles are placed on graves and a prayer is said.  A mass is then held in the small church. It is a tradition that has been carried over every year for the past 200 years.  I love to stay in the cemetery after everyone has left because it is beautiful, and gives me a moment to visit with many old friends. Enjoy your day.

Trumpet Vine

When I walked outside early this morning I noticed that the light was very soft. I grabbed my 180mm macro lens, camera and tripod and photographed the trumpet vine blossoms in my back yard. The yellow purple contrast was striking to me, In order to emphasize the contrast even more I used a very narrow depth of field and in addition I spot sharpened the yellow part.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Mit offenen Armen

Auf dem Rückweg von einem Spaziergang mit Anke bin ich wie immer über den Kirchhof unserer Kirche St. Raphael gegangen. Obwohl ich bestimmt schon hundert mal am Kirchenportal vorbei gelaufen bin, ist mir erst jetzt der ausdrucksstarke Türgriff aufgefallen. Das alte 50mm Minolta Objektiv das ich auf meiner Kamera drauf hatte, gibt dem Bild noch einen besonderen Look.

On the way back from a walk with Anke I walked as always over the churchyard of our church St. Raphael. Although I’ve certainly walked past the church portal a hundred times, I’ve only now noticed the expressive door handle. The old 50mm Minolta lens I had on my camera gives the picture a special look.