Escaping the Heat and Smoke: Visiting Morro Bay

California is an odd place in more than one way. Inland, the temperatures stay high, day for day close to 100F (38C). But, along the coast, temperatures are very moderate, often in the low 70F (in the 20C). Driving away from the coast inland temperatures quickly go up. So, after all the fires we had in Mariposa and the constant heat, it was nice to hang out in Morro Bay.

Morro Rock with Fog in the Background
A different perspective of Morro Rock and the Beach

Walking through the Saturday Market, seeing people wearing sweaters feels good. Even the doggy can come along, inland at a 100F that would be a crazy thing to do.

Point Lobos

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to the California Coast so I decided to visit Point Lobo Nature Reserve on Tuesday. Traffic would be light, wrong; hopefully lots of huge waves, wrong; at least some tide pools, high tide. And yet I had a wonderful day.

There were lots of Turkey Vultures, this one was very accommodating. Black and white seemed appropriate.

Pelicans where everywhere. This one tried to get what little sun there was.
Once again black and white seemed appropriate since I only saw the sun for about 30 minutes.

Es ist lange her, seit ich an die kalifornische Küste gefahren bin, also beschloss ich, am Dienstag das Point Lobo Nature Reserve zu besuchen. Verkehr wäre leicht, falsch; hoffentlich viele riesige Wellen, falsch; zumindest einige Gezeitenpools, Flut. Und doch hatte ich einen wunderbaren Tag.