The Wheel 01

Wheels are everywhere. They are on your car, in your car, in your child’s room etc. Photograph them in an interesting way. Have fun!


I photographed this wheel in the ghost town of Bodie, CA. The sun was so bright outside that I lookd for shay and inside places. I found an old wagon with great wheels. Enjoy!

Street Portraits 05


I photographed this couple at Applegate Park in Merced. They were sitting on a bench inside a pavilion. I like this image because it shows affection. She is looking at him with a beautiful smile on her face while he is looking at the camera. I blurred the background as much as possible because of the lines that look like they are going through the lower part of their heads but the moment of the beautiful smile outweighs this blemish.

Enjoy your photography and happy Friday!

Street Portraits 03


This is the third artist that I photographed. I met her at her stand where she was selling her images. I asked her permission and she was so kind to let me photograph her. Harold David quotes in his book Creative Portraits an old proverb:” The eyes are the window to the soul.” When you look into her eyes, what do you see?  

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Street Portraits 02


I photographed Marcie sitting in front of her paintings in one of the downtown streets in San Francisco. I asked for permission to photograph her and she gave me her business card after a short conversation. She was sitting in front of a white wall which means that there were no background distractions to watch. She was sitting relaxed on her chair reading the newspaper while waiting for customers. By the way, you can see her portfolio at  

Enjoy and have a great photographic day! 

Street Portraits 01

This weeks photographic is a real challenge for many people. I ask you to photograph strangers. go out and when you see a person that you want to photograph simply ask him/her. Most people say “yes!” As always enjoy this exercise and you will be surprised at the end of the week.


I observed this photographer for quite some time before I finally photographed him. I love his demeanor and his love for his camera. I don’t like the background and I had to find the right position to frame him in between the garbage container and the big pole. Also watch how the top of the fence goes right through his head. Despite these blemishes, I love this image and at the end this is what matter the most unless you have to please a client.

Color Contrast II 03


When you start working on any photographic assignment you will find opportunities almost anywhere. I was on my usual photo-walk at Applegate Park in Merced, when I observed that a city worker cleaned out the fountain. He threw the rose paddles on the ground and opened up the opportunity for me to photograph them.

Enjoy and keep looking and photographing!