Flower 01

Today it is Valentine’s Day, a great opportunity to photograph flowers. Buy your loved-one some flowers and before you give them to her/him, photograph them. What a great exercise for this week!


I bought 12 roses and a friend of mine created a wonderful arrangement. I decided to start out with one rose. In order to add a nice touch to the photograph I used my sprayer to create some mist. I used one strobe light from the left, the light softened by an umbrella, and a fill in reflector on the right side.

One more tip: If you use Photoshop, duplicate the original image. Use “Gaussian” blur on the the duplicate layer to blur the image at a radius around “4 pixels” and the use “overlay” to create your image.

As always: Have fun with this exercise!

Background 01

Several of my photography teachers pointed out the importance of the background of an image. One even said that he starts out considering the background before he looks at the subject of an image. A background image is defined as an image without a clear subject. This week photograph backgrounds. You can look at texture, color, blurr images etc.


I photographed this background at the beach. It is blurred water. Enjoy this exercise and start collecting a background file folder. Background images can become very handy from time to time.As always, enjoy this exercise!

Slinky 04


I used a string to lift the slinky up and photographed it while it was slowly turning in the air. I stopped my lens down to f22 giving me an exposure time of 30 seconds at ISO 100. During the exposure time I discharged a small flash three times freezing the slinky at three different positions.

Enjoy and be creative with your camera!

Slinky 02


In this images I used a harsh light source coming from the lower right corner. The light source creates a nice shadow. Try to play with the light source. Just by changing the light you will get several great images that all have a different feeling to them. By the way: I believe a master in the field of photography is someone who can create (and maybe control) different kind of feelings associated with the same subject!

Enjoy and happy photographing!