Alley 04


My partner David ignited in me the desire to photograph lines. Ever since we talked about lines I look for them. In this image the powerlines drew my attention. The blue yellow contrast adds even more interest to this image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Alley 01

Most communities have great back alleys. Go walk along them and I am sure you will find great subjects.


We had a lot of rain during the week-end. I drove to downtown Merced and photographed along this alley in between showers. I was hoping to catch a few reflections in the rain puddles.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Hometown 13


While I was photographing downtown stores I noticed this woman marching towards me. I decided to include her in my image. The camera was mounted on a tripod and I used a wireless trigger to get this shot. Thinking about your hometown means that at a certain point you have to include some people into your composition to demonstrate that you are not living in a ghost town.

Enjoy and happy Friday.