Fountain Project 01

Pick a fountain in your community and photograph it for a week. Go at different times of the day and use different f-stops and exposures times. You may “freeze” the water or not. You may under-or overexpose as well. You may photograph the entire fountain or just part of it. The main issue is to see you any change in your camera effect your image. One more thing, avoid the automatic on your camera except aperture priority setting. As always, enjoy your photographs.


I picked the fountain at downtown Merced. I shot this image with my 28mm Minolta MD lens that I connected to my digital body. This lens is about 30 years old and produces excellent images.

Street Photography 08


This image reveals on the the cultural differences between the US and Germany. In Germany people drink in public and nobody cares. In the US people try to hide their addiction. Either they drink out of a brown bag or behind closed doors. This image reminds me of my first visit to the US. I bought a bottle of whiskey and the clerk wanted to put it in a brown bag. I said “thank you” and walked out of the store without the bag holding the bottle in my arm. After a while I started to wonder because everybody turned around and looked at me. I checked my zipper and found everything was okay. When I told my family they were just laughing!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Street Photography 06

I decided to work another week on my street photography skills and I challenge you to do the same. I decided to go to a different place and since I was in Germany during the last two weeks I picked an inner city place and photographed people and their behavior.


The focal point in this image is the beggar. She was no face and she is kneeling. The people are walking bye in contrast to the kneeling beggar. The have no face either and they walk around her not paying any attention.


I decided to crop this image. Does it convey the same message or does the dynamic change?

Enjoy and keep on photographing!