Plastic 03


If you look around you, you will find plastic everywhere. Our lives are surrounded by plastic like the metal cable is completely covered. One one side it is comforting and on the other side the cable setup looks a little bit frighting to me like it is a setup for a house fire. In other words is the massive amount of plastic a blessing or a course down the road?

Enjoy the image and keep on creating great images!

Plastic 01

The challenge for the next two weeks is to photograph “plastic.” It is around everywhere and you can look in your garbage can or garage and I am sure you will find an abundance of subjects.

As always, enjoy this exercise!


I looked into our kitchen and found all these plastic caps!

Fence Summary


At the end of the project try to create a collage out of your image. You may use all or just part of your images. It is important that you observe the emotions that your collage creates in you and other observers. Your images are powerful, they tell a story and they want to touch people.

Enjoy and celebrate your work!

Fence 08


Nothing in this world lasts forever. Decay sets in sooner or later. This fence lets you look to the other side. This is another image that brought out a lot of emotions. I was reminded of the Berlin Wall that crumbled so quickly. I wonder of today’s walls and fences that separate people from each other. When will they fall?

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fence 07


This image created a lot of emotions in me. I felt reminded of situations where I had the feeling “running against a wall” or “not seeing anything.” I think a fence like this not only says stay out it also says don’t look beyond and at the same time it creates curiosity of looking beyond. You are definitely not on the fence you are on one side of it.

I learned from the photographer Galen Rowell that a great photo transmits emotions. In this regard this simple photo does the job, at least for me.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fence 06


I used a 28mm prime lens wide open (f2.8) to create this image. I focused on the post which is about 1/3 into the image which is the normal thing to do. Still I am wondering how the image would have turned out if I had focused in the center of the image at the peak of the fence.

Those kind of questions are important for every serious photographer. The snap-shooter would have turned the camera on automatic setting and shoot the image and he would have gotten a good average image these days, but the serious photographer reflects on his shots and goes out a second or third time to get the image he envisioned in his head.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fence 05


When I start out with a new project I usually have at least some idea what to photograph but after a certain amount of time I many times have a feeling of hitting a road block. That can be very frustrating but it also can be the beginning of something new. What I am saying is, don’t give up, work¬†and grow on your projects! Soon or later new ideas will show up and inspire you to photograph and create great images!

Have fun and enjoy this image!