Shadows 13


We had very little sunshine the last few days so had to come up with some other ideas to get some shadow images. This morning I saw this Dandelion in my front yard. I cut it and photographed it inside using a barn door strobe light. In post processing I used Nik Silver Efix pro and Topaz clean to create several layers in Photoshop which I manually combined.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Shadows 10

For the next two weeks I challenge you to photograph shadows again. I did this exercise once before but I think it is always good to revisit “old” exercises and work on them some more.


This is the shadow of a garbage can and some metal seats which I photographed in downtown Merced, CA.

Enjoy and have fun photographing!

Pairs – Summary


At the end of this project I tried to organize my images into a collage. I threw some of my images out and added others. I also realized that I missed things. For instance I did not photograph any human couples. I asked myself why not? What do you think when you look at these images or when you look at your own?

Enjoy your photography and hopefully you join me again for a new exercise on Monday!