Red-Green 01

The exercise for the week is Red-Green contrast. Create images that only (mostly) consists of red and green colors. watch how the colors interact and enjoy your photographs!


I saw this garden rake laying on a small hedge. I used the grip to create a frame around the twig with the green leaves.

Rust 09


I am beginning to like this exercise. After photographing the first round on a reflective surface I wondered how the rusty nails would look on small rocks. I tried a few shots and then decided to use only one screw. While I was taking away the two screws some rust fell on the rocks helping me to create this composition.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rust 08


I found some old rusty screws in my backyard and put them on a reflective surface. I decided to use a lamp with a natural light bulb as my main light source. I blocked all other light out as much as possible and photographed the screws using my 180mm macro lens. After experimenting for a few minutes I got this shot.

Enjoy and keep on making great images!