Fall 14


“Dead center is dead!” this is one of the comments I have heard many times from “famous” photographers and I believed it for a while. Today, I don’t think so anymore. I created simple image, where the Aspen leaf is “dead” center and for me this image is very much “alive.”

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fall 12


I used the preview feature in my camera to position the camera and then pulled the shutter. I don’t believe it is a good idea to look through the viewfinder directly into the sun. The shot was taken on the Sonora pass road at about 9,000 feet elevation.

Enjoy and keep on photographing

Fall 11

Let us continue this week and create more “Fall” images for your portfolio.


I photographed this images at Silver Lake which is located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada on the June Lakes loop. It was early in the morning and the temperature was below the freezing point.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fall #07


This is mountain dogwood photographed last week at the botanical garden in Berkeley, CA. The early morning sun created a great back-light. By the way, the botanical garden (not the UC botanical garden) is entrance free and you don’t even have to pay for parking.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Fall #06

It is the time of the year when in the northern hemisphere the colors on the trees are turning again. I challenge you to photograph “Fall” and continue to build you portfolio.


I discovered these leaves inside a fountain in Walnut Creek, CA. Enjoy and keep on looking for great photographs.