Glass 02


There is the glass in the window, in the lamps and the bulbs. I saw this rounded window in beautiful Carmel, CA. To add interest to the composition I composed the image by putting the window frame into middle of the top and the right lower corner.

Enjoy and keep on creating great images!

Glass 01

There is glass around us everywhere. There is window glass, eye glasses, wine glasses, pieces of broken glass etc. The exercise of this week is to look for glass and photograph it.


I discovered these beautiful wineglasses at a restaurant. The setting is actually very simple and still beautiful.

Enjoy and have fun with this exercise.

Office 04


There are times when I just love one lens. Currently I photograph a lot with my incredible 180mm macro lens. Not only is this lens very sharp, it also has a very nice bokeh (blurred background). In this image I photographed the three pencils in focus and I wanted the other pens out of focus but still recognisable. I tried several f-stops and settled for f8.

Enjoy and have a great week-end.