Tail Lights – final composition


I decided to create a square out of 25 images. First I added a frame to all my 27 images that I photographed during the past two weeks. I picked a frame size of 20 pixels making the total image 520×520 pixels. My master would be therefor 520×5 pixels meaning 2600X2600 pixels. Then I copied and pasted 25 out of my 27 images and organised them in a grid. Since the frames double to 40 pixels inside the grid I added another 20 pixel frame to my master. After this I copied the master into a regular 4×6 image and added some text.

On more note: It is always interesting to see how one organises images in a series of shots. I attended a class, taught by the great German photographer Harald Mante about Serial Photography and I specifically remembered that I thought I had all my images organised. He took just a short look at my images and shuffled them all around and got a lot better final image than me. This basically happened to everybody in the class and it was always fun to watch how he, the master photographer, developed a great vision in just the blink of an eye.

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