Tail Lights 01

This weeks photographic challenge may seem tedious, please do it anyway and hang in there with me. I ask you to photograph the right tail light of a car, truck, bike etc. You will be astonished how different tail lights are. Especially during the last years car companies produce very unique tail lights. I ask you to photograph at least three tail lights a day. Please remove any letters, since they distract from the light. The other reason is that you want to give the viewer the opportunity to guess the make on mode of the car. In addition I ask you to convert the image into a square.




As always, enjoy this exercise!

Oak Tree 04


I overexposed one of the major branches. It gave the oakĀ tree kind of a surreal looking. In this images you see one of the major branches with all the twists and turns. Last week we worked with the solarisation filter and I thought I give it a try. The result is the second image.


Enjoy and keep on working on your tree.

Oak Tree 02


I walked closer to the oak tree and photographed it again (and again). This image reveals something about the location of the tree. It stands on a hillside right besides a road. Also, this images fills the frame rather nicely. I converted the image to a black and white sepia tone to reveal even more of the highly interesting structure of this tree.


Enjoy and keep on working on your tree!

Oak Tree 01


I was driving towards Mt. Diablo (outside Walnut Creek, CA) when I discovered this California oak tree. While I was photographing the tree several bikers came along the road and I was asked not just once, what is here so interesting? It looks like an ordinary tree and the state of the art of a photographer is to see and photograph beyond the ordinary. Yes, it is just an oak tree, surrounded by other oak trees on a partially cloudy day and still, I also passed by this tree and decided to turn around and photograph it. Somehow this tree interested me and I wanted to make it stand out. This is exactly the challenge for this week. Pick a tree, take a snapshot and then start looking and see if you will find some great images.

Enjoy and have fun with this exercise!