Event 01

Go and attend an event in your area. Photograph the action and the people. Ask people for permission to be photographed. Most people grant it to you. Have a lot of fun with this exercise.

Event 01


David and I attended the Celtic Faire in Sonora, CA. The jousting was one of the highlights. I positioned my self in a good spot and picked a fast (1/4000 sec) shutter speed to freeze the action. This is what I got right after the two knight collided. Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Building 01

Pick a building and photograph it. Just photograph the outside and not the inside of it. As always enjoy this exercise.

building 01


I picked St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Hornitos, CA. This small community is located in the foothills of Central California. The church is located on a hill right outside the other buildings. There is a cementary right besides the church.

Enjoy the first image and create great images yourself!