Naturally Grown vs Man Made 01

This week’s exercise deals with contrast. I believe great images have a clear subject, contrast and are reduced to the absolute necessary elements of the image. Contrast is more that color contrast. contrast can take on all kinds of different forms. This week I challenge you to concentrate on subjects that are naturally grown and man made.

Naturally Grown vs Man Made 01

I photographed a growing plant and and old post.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Today’s exercise requires a little bit of preparations. Get yourself a few balloons, fill them with water, hand them up with a string and photograph them while your are poking them with a needle. Here is a link with a detailed guide on how to do it. Go to¬†

Balloon 01

Instead of one I am using two strobe lights. Camera setting 55mm focal length cropped, f16, 1/20 sec. exposure time. In my other shots I increased the exposure time to freeze the action better.

Enjoy this exercise because it is a lot of fun!

PS: Don’t forget to cover up your strobe(s) and camera properly!