Pismo Preserve

Last Year (2020) a new hiking trail complex has been created above Pismo Beach in California. Finally, I got to hike it. I took the longest trail, the YELLOW one, just about 6 miles.

As soon as you gain some elevation, you get a clear view of the Pismo Pier.

Pismo Beach Pier

Suffering from very mild double vision without the need of alcohol, I pushed it a bit further.

Pismo Beach Pier during a double vision earthquake.

Who says California has no Tuscany feel? Oh yes, I know, as soon as you enter a restaurant in real Tuscany you experience the difference.

California Tuscany Feel

The wild mustard is in full bloom, adding to the Tuscany feel. Hey, we are still on the Pismo Preserve Trail!

Wild Mustard in full bloom

Finally, my vision clears (putting on glasses and especially turning off the camera double photo overlay function) we come by the ancient oak trees, often several hundreds of years old, typical for the coastal foothills.

Costal Oak Trees

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