Cotton Season

My family owns a ranch here in the Central Valley, and their cotton fields did great this year. The fields looked like a blanket of snow, and it was one of the most successful crops they’ve had in years. I captured some images of the fields before they picked the cotton, and this is one of my favorites. I love the sunset in the background, and I think this image perfectly captures the beauty of the Central Valley. Enjoy!

Yosemite Ducks

These girls were up in Yosemite on the Merced River. The Common Merganser like most ducks in the park is not really a common sight. You are more likely to see a Mallard or a Canadian goose and not many of those. Val and I had the opportunity to see a mom Merganser and her babies up by Mirror Lake, all riding on her back . Those opportunities are rare and I feel fortunate to be part of the experiences. Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.

After the Storm

Friedhelm and I went to Yosemite to photograph the projected snow storm. The snowfall wasn’t great but in Yosemite there’s always opportunities. This was just as the storm was clearing and the high peaks showed just what happened far above us.

Friedhelm und ich fuhren zum Yosemite, um den projizierten Schneesturm zu fotografieren. Der Schneefall war nicht so toll, aber in Yosemite gibt es immer Möglichkeiten. Das war gerade, als sich der Sturm auflöste und die hohen Gipfel zeigten, was weit über uns geschah.

Allersee im Herbst

Anke und ich hatten am Sonntag das schöne Herbstwetter für eine Runde um den Allersee genutzt und natürlich unsere Kameras dabei, um ein paar herbstliche Impressionen einzufangen. Trotz der kühlen Temperaturen starteten diese Hobbytaucher gerade zu einer Tauchtour durch den See, während die Segler schon ihre Boote vertäut und verpackt am Steg liegen hatten.
Anke and I had used the beautiful autumn weather on Sunday for a round around the Allersee and of course our cameras to capture a few autumnal impressions. Despite the cool temperatures, these hobby divers just started for a diving tour through the lake, while the sailors already had their boats moored and packed at the jetty.