Scrap metal

Probably the world’s most famous railway scrapyard is outside the town of Uyuni in Bolivia. End of the nineteenth century Uyuni became a rail hub for the mining industry. From here trains brought the ore to the port of Antofagasta in Chile. The line is still operating, but in the middle of the previous century the mining industry collapsed. About 60 years ago, many of the engines not needed any more were dumped outside Uyuni at the border of what is the world’s biggest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni. And there they still are, partly scrapped for some of the more precious metal like the copper of the fire boxes, covered in a thin layer of rust but otherwise well preserved in the dry desert climate

The abandoned engines now are a tourist attraction.

There are plans of turning the site in a museum. However, in my view, any development would destroy the atmosphere of the site

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