Camera Gear

My first single reflex camera was a Minolta. Over the years my Minolta camera gear grew quite a bit. For our ”Still Life” project I picked three lenses, bellows for macro photography, a lens box and a film. As a background I picked a book cabinet and I decided to lay the camera equipment on a black fabric. In order to illuminate my subject properly I used window light from the left hand side and a weaker video light on the right hand side. I photographed the still life with a Tamron 80-200 vintage lens and a full frame camera. Enjoy!

One thought on “Camera Gear”

  1. Very nice composition. And thank you for the instructions. A very good idea. I had a very similar first set of equipment, a Konica T3 camera, 35, 50 and 135 mm lenses, and bellows. It lasted for more than 20 years, until, in 1995, the camera broke in Vietnam. A guy in the street in Saigon was able to repair it and I used it until the end of trip. After that I did not trust it any more and I bought a replacement. Since Konica had stopped with their SLR production I switched to Nikon. For their system I never had bellows.

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