Wildflowers 05

Wildflower 05

When photographing a subject, any subject, it is important that it stands out. In this image one and only one wildflower blossom is totally sharp. It is our “hero” and our eyes trend to rest here. It is in the hands of the photographer to lead the viewer!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Shopping Cart 01

I challenge you to go to a local store and photograph shopping carts. You will find lines, areas, plastic, metal etc. When I started I thought it might get boring but I was surprised how many cool images you can get photographing shopping carts.


These carts were stacked together. There are many beautiful lines in this images and I decided that on the left hand side the lines go through the corners.

Enjoy and have fun and by the way don’t be surprised if people ask you what you are doing? Some people might be wondering why you are photographing shopping carts.

Circles 03


On my photographic exercise walk I discovered this mug on the old Jeep. The lines and the circle create a beautiful contrast; so does the old jeep in comparisson to the new mug.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

By the way, since I am actively looking for circles, I see them everywhere!