Yosemite Foot Bridge

A few days before the first real storm of the season I went up to Yosemite. The color change in the park has been rather sporadic this fall and there was only a little color showing in this area. The fact that it was still smoky out probably affected it too. The water level is very low. This side of the bridge is only a few inches deep. The other side is mostly a huge sandbar with very little water visible. Pray for moisture. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Mountain Dogwood

I usually go looking for Dogwoods in Yosemite in the spring when it is full of beautiful white blooms, and in the fall when the foliage can turn amazing colors of green, cream, pink, and red. While out exploring some old logging roads I came across this beautiful specimen in the Sierra National Forrest. I haven’t found a lot of vivid color in Yosemite Dogwoods this year so I was happy!! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.

Merced River

Although the colors were just starting to turn and the leaves still had more green than yellow, Yosemite never fails to put on a show. I was standing in the middle of the river on a sand bar. The river here is only a few inches deep. The whole area is in desperate need of water and with the forecasts showing absolutely no moisture in the near future, things are beginning to look a little bleak. Pray for rain in our future and and a stop to global warming! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.

Fall Color

I missed my annual trip to the high country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada this year because of the horrendous smoke from the Creek Fire which is still heavily impacting this whole area. Pictures like the one posted here would not have been possible. This was taken a few years ago. It is sad because from some of the pictures I have seen the color this year was spectacular but only if you were fairly close to your subject. Definition was lost for long rage photos due to thick smoke and haze. And the other issue was accessibility. Most areas were closed for safety and health, and one could face a hefty fine if caught in those areas in addition to being escorted out of the area. Have a wonderful day and stay safe and stay healthy!

Fall Dogwood

I have made a few trips to the park this past month trying to capture that awesome fall dogwood color but success has been hit and miss. The dogwoods have been somewhat sporadic with their displays and a little stingy with their color. The usual deep pinks and reds seem to be less vivid. And even now one can still capture them in their various stages of color. I am sure that all the odd weather and smoke have impacted a lot of the fall colors in the sierras. Stay Healthy and enjoy your day!


A Relaxed Bobcat

Long-Billed Dowitcher (I think)

I met my BFF and photo buddy Val and her granddaughter , an aspiring photographer and quite good, at the Merced Wildlife Refuge based on a rumor that the Sandhill Cranes had arrived. And although there were some, the only ones I saw were in the air. It is still a little early for most migrations. They have just started flooding the fields so the populations of egrets and other water fowl will grow in the coming weeks. There were a few egrets, and I also saw one Blue Heron. But there was a large flock of these little guys. While easy to photograph, it is difficult to catch them with their heads out of the water. I lucked out in this picture. This is the only picture out of probably 3 or 4 hundred frames where a couple of them had their heads out of the water. And I also loved the little sunflowers behind them. Stay healthy and God Bless.