Wild Cabbage

While out on a search for wildflowers in our local area I came across this interesting and beautiful plant that I had never seen before. After many hours of research, I finally came up the with an identity of Calanthus Coulteri. It is a striking plant with it’s deep burgundy buds and beautiful flowers. Not prolific, I saw about 20 plants. Take a drive and see our wildflowers in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Enjoy your day.


This past weekend I decided to make one last trip to the wildlife refuge for this season and was pleasantly surprised with a variety of ducks and birds that had been missing from the lineup previously from this past season. Usually, most of the wildlife has already migrated by this time. Since I really didn’t expect to find much other than the native coots. I was pleasantly surprised. These Arvocet’s napping provided just one of numerous shooting opportunities. Enjoy your day!!!

Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress is located along the Monterey Peninsula. A beautiful icon of this area, it is a Monteray Cypress, located only along this area of the coast and estimated to be about 250 years old. I feel very fortunate to have photographed it before a storm in 2019 broke it apart. It will always remain an icon of the strength of these trees to withstand major storms. Enjoy your day.