Still There

So far, the huge Creek fire has spared our beloved Beasore area. The historical landmark Jone’s Store is still intact thanks to the intense efforts of our valiant fire crews They are fighting this fire on the ground by hand. The smoke conditions have kept all air support grounded. Sadly, many other areas were less fortunate and ravaged by the fire, and hundreds of homes were lost. We did have some light rain which helped slow the fire down. Stay safe out there, and pray for the continued safety of those fighting the fires

The Beauty that is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

The Sierra Nevada is full of it’s own unique beauty. Miles and miles of beautiful scenery that doesn’t go away until you drop down out of these mountains. Beasore is an area that is a particular favorite of mine because of it’s beauty, and it’s wonderful wildflowers and wildlife. Unfortunately it’s existence is being threatened by wildfires. Please pray that they can gain total control of these fires and put them out. Not just here, but all over the west coast. And always exercise caution and safety when out in these areas. Stay healthy. God Bless!

Fall in the Foothills

Fall in the foothills has it’s own beauty. The sky is usually hazy, the temperatures cooler and the air takes on a whole new scent. The summer dried grasses and wildflowers have their own beauty that compliments the colors of fall. The oaks start dropping their leaves and everything takes on a golden glow. I love this time of year. Stay healthy and have a wonderful week!!!!

My Driveway

I can never deny the fact that I love living in the country. This was taken right before we started our summer fire preparation of mowing and weedeating. The sunset that night was beautiful and I never tire of my surroundings. My driveway is a half-mile long and leads to a private road that my neighbors and i share. It is a perfect place to take walks or just sit on a large rock and watch the wildlife. I spend a lot of time behind my camera lens shooting butterflies, dragonfly’s and wildflowers that grow abundantly along it’s length in the spring. It also is a wonderful place to take pictures of the Milky Way, rising full moon and meteor showers. What more could one ask for?

Moon Over Half Dome

My friend Val and I were on our way back to Yosemite Valley after a day in the high country when we came around a bend in the road and came face to face with this beautiful sight. We pulled over, grabbed our cameras and tripods and rushed to set up before it got too late to shoot. We were able to get a few shots off before it got too dark. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Miner’s Bunkhouse

This quarter’s post is architecture and although it may not fit everybody’s definition of that term, I have a deep affection for old buildings and structures. This is a bunkhouse for an old mine that used to operate in the Sierra’s called the Sweetwater mine . The mine operated from the mid 1860’s to the mid 1990’s when it’s owner passed away. The old building has been severely vandalized in recent years and most of the other structures have fallen down and equipment either stolen or donated to the local Museum. Enjoy your day. Stay healthy.