I photographed a Rose from my yard several times. First I created a “low key stack” of the Rose on the left hand side. Combined several exposures in layers and masking techniques I creates a beautiful backlit image on a black background. Then I created a group of different images. I moved the rose during the exposure to create a motion blur. I picked a blurred image and used it as part of my background. The sharp and blurred rose give the image an interesting contrast.

Young Rose

I listened to a photographic presentation where the photographer talked about colors and how they influence the viewer. He mentioned that the colors red is very dominant and just a little red in an image makes a significant impact.

I decided to photograph a small red rose in my yard. I waited after sunset and then I used my fiber optic lamp to create this blue background. I wanted blue as a cold color in contrast to the warm red color of the rose.


Searching for the Comet Neowise

Yesterday was the day where the Comet Neowise was closest to the earth. My wife and I decided to look for the comet on a lonely country road. Looking at my star tracker on my cell phone I thought this was the perfect place. I decided to use my 14mm super wide angle lens to compose the shot. The sun had disappeared behind the mountains and the moon had risen. The comet revealed himself pretty weak on the right hand side of the image.