Morning Mist

David and I drove to Yosemite Lake this morning. There was a lot of morning mist in the air so I decided to photograph the mist on the ground using a 200mm prime lens at f3.5. At this setting the lens created a beautiful background blur.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

David und ich fotografierten am Yosemite See heute morning. Die Luft war sehr feucht und ich beschloss den Bodenneben im Grass zu fotografieren.

Viel Spass!

Rose in the Rain

It started to rain yesterday and we are thrilled about the rain in California. The rain will help the firefighters that are battling huge fires and the rain will clean the air we breathe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Es hat gestern angefangen zu regnen und wir sind begeistert vom Regen in Kalifornien. Der Regen hilft den Feuerwehrleuten, die gegen große Feuer kämpfen, und der Regen reinigt die Atemluft.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Winds of Life

This is a digital double expose. I used two image that I combined in post production. The first image is a typical Fall color image. I used an old Helios 44 lens which created a bubbly background. Then I used a 180mm macro lens to photograph water in a blender. I used a sound sensor connected to my camera that triggered the camera whenever I turned the blender on.

The idea is that the wind moves the leaves and branches and the blades move the water. The leaves are warm colored and the water cold. Different movements, warm cold color contrast and still part of the same life!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!