Art 05

I ask you to go to an art museum and photograph art, any kind of art. I picked the work of Edvard Munch. He is best know for his image “The scream” and there are many tragedies in Munch’s life which are reflected in his images.

This is a elf portrait of Edvard Munch which I saw at the Moma in SanFrancisco. I took a f1.4 50mm lens which is perfect in low light situations like a museum where you neither can use a tripod nor a flash.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Art 01

This weeks exercise can be a little bit tricky. I ask you to go to a museum and photograph the artwork of an artist.

art 01


I picked the Wire Sculptures by Ruth Asawa which are hanging at the De Young museum in San Francisco. Shadows plays an important role in her art. for the viewer in can be sometimes difficult to distinct between the object and the shadow. It is my understanding that for the artist both belong together.

Enjoy this exercise and have fun with your camera!