Cars 06

I am currently visiting my parents in Wolfsburg, Germany. Wolfsburg is for Germany what Detroit is for the USA. I had the opportunity with two photographers to visit the so called “Autostadt” and photograph some very special cars. I challenge you to photograph cars this week. Maybe you can go to a car museum, car show or just photograph cars parked on the sidewalk.

Cars 06

I like to start with this beauty, a 1924 Lancia. Enjoy and keep on working on your images.


Cars 05


This afternoon I went to the store and bought this toy car. The assignment for this week did not specify that I had to photograph only “real” cars. I actually surprised myself with the idea photographing a toy car.

Enjoy and keep on having ideas and be creative with your photography! 

Cars 03


I photographed this old truck in Bodie, CA. There were two important steps necessary to create this image. First I had to use a fill-in flash. Second I created three images out of the camera raw file. I overexposed (2 steps), underexposed (2steps) and normal exposed the image and saved the three images to use Photomatix to create a high dynamic range (HDR) image.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Cars 02


My partner David and I talked yesterday about photographing cars and David mentioned that old cars have characters. There is definitely something to it. This is an old truck that I photographed in May which I re-edited.

Enjoy and keep on photographing! 

Cars 01

If you want to grow as a photographer you have to start shooting subjects that you either don’t like or not familiar with. I usually don’t photograph cars. They are just means of transportation to me (To be truthful, my last car purchase changed that a little bit). There I decided to do this exercise and photograph cars and I challenge you to do the same for a week.


I drove my car under a big tree to get some shade and to get some of the reflection of the tree in my image. I started looking for interesting curves and came up with this image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!