Christmas at Home 04


My wife put this Christmas decoration on my office door knob. I decided to use it for this exercise and photographed it using two different light sources with different color temperatures. I used regular yellow light and in addition I used my cold LCD flashlight to illuminate my subject from the upper left. In post production I aged the door and played with different layers.

Enjoy and have fun with your images!

Christmas at Home 02


This is a small Moravian star that is used as a Christmas ornament on our tree. I photographed it using a tripod and a 180mm macro lens. I positioned the camera that a Christmas light was right behind the star. In post production I doubled the layer and created a motion blur. Using a mask I brought back the star and just blurred the background among other other minor adjustments.

Enjoy and keep on photographing.

Christmas at Home 01

Originally I had planned to photograph outside but it is raining and so I decided to stay inside and photograph Christmas symbols at my home. In this weeks exercise, i ask you to do the same. If you belong to a different tradition or religion, photograph at your house what you care about.


This is a very small candle arrangement that my wife put into our kitchen window. I added in my studio a blue background and used a white lamp in addition to the candle light.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!