Looking Up

Friedhelm and I went to the Big Trees last week. That is we went to Sequoia National Park which is near Yosemite.

The weather was mixed most of the day but for a brief period these wonderful clouds floated by.

Not long after I took this it began to snow, since we had other commitments it was a good time to head down the hill.


Great Egret

I went to the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge the other day to try out my new ‘walk around’ camera, a Sony a6000.  I was very disappointed at the number of birds and wildlife I saw. It is a large refuge and I literally saw only about a dozen geese and comparatively few other fowl.  This great egret was one of three and very patient. I actually wanted to get a photo of him taking off but he just stood there and stared at me.


Sandhill Cranes at Sunset

Here’s another from the Merced Wildlife Refuge, a great place to go this time of the year. Last time I was there the geese were beginning to show up. The Sandhill Cranes were coming in in huge flights at dark. Difficult to get a good shot at a moving target when there’s very little light.

Hope you find a great photo place.