Sandhill Cranes at Sunset

Here’s another from the Merced Wildlife Refuge, a great place to go this time of the year. Last time I was there the geese were beginning to show up. The Sandhill Cranes were coming in in huge flights at dark. Difficult to get a good shot at a moving target when there’s very little light.

Hope you find a great photo place.


Side Falls at Burney Falls State Park

Burney Falls is an interesting falls. During the summer, after a mild winter the top of the falls is dry but water will still come out
of the rock face. Last winter wasn't by any means mild so there was water coming over the fall but I found the side falls where nothing was coming over the top a better photo opportunity.

Passion for Photos Reinvented

I started Passion for Photos way back in 2010 as a learning and studying photoblog. Each week or every other week I posted a new exercise and I challenged the viewer to practice, practice, practice photography. The photoblog has grown quite a bit over the years. Now it is time to to reinvent the blog. I invited several distinguished photographers in Europe and the USA to join me and to share their work so we can learn from each other. we all have different styles and views on photography but we have the passion to grow and to become the best in the business we can be.

Since we all speak different languages, we will share our thoughts in our native language. As time allows I will try to translate from time to time.

Good luck and good light to everybody who has the passion to photograph and is willing to share his/her images!

October 2017

Friedhelm Golz

This is an image from David Cattuzzo. David just returned from a trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada (California) where he photographed the Fall Foliage. You can also see some of the smoke of one of the wildfires which affected the image.

Thank you David for sharing this great image!