Decorations outside 04


Photography is among other things about seeing and learning new things. As a photographer you need to be always prepared for something new along the line. While I was photographing the big Christmas tree in downtown Merced I also discovered Christmas ornaments on the surrounding palm trees. That was totally new to me. Of course, I had to photograph it. Enjoy!

Decorations – outside 02


I drove to downtown Merced to get an image of the lid Christmas tree. Despite the fact that it was pitch dark the tree was nit lid. Therefor I had to adapt and I decided to look for reflections. Luckily there was no wind blowing and I could use long exposure times (between 20-30 seconds). In this image you see the reflections of Bob Hart Square at night in beautiful downtown Merced,  CA.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Decorations -outside 01

All the decorations for the winter holidays create great opportunities for photography. I challenge you to photograph them at different times of the day. This exercise is a great opportunity not just for photography but also about learning about traditions that are an important part of our lives. On more thing: Stick to outside ornaments. The inside ornaments I want to do later.


I went out this morning to photograph Christmas ornaments. The sun was just up and melted the frost on this one. The street sign created the shadow and I got my image.

Enjoy and as always have fun with this exercise.