Dominance 05


The dominant subject doe not necessarily be the largest part in the composition. This flower is dominant for two reasons:

1st: The yellow color distinct the subject from the rest of the image which is green. Yellow is also “lighter” than green and our eyes usually go to the lightest part of the photograph.

2nd: The yellow flower in in focus. I purposely chose a small f-stop to keep the subject in-focus and blow out the rest of the image.

Enjoy and happy Friday!

Dominance 04


In this image dominance is achieved through color and focus. White is the lightest color and our eyes tend to go there. In addition I used a wide open lens to blur the leave as much as possible. The lines in the leave also point to the flower.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Dominance 03


I photographed this old lamp at Bodie, CA. Bodie is a ghost down which became later a state park in California. The lamp definitely dominates the entire image. It is the only subject in focus and therefore your eye just goes to it. By the way this image was shot with the cheapest of Canon’s 70-200 L lenses. This lens always amazes me. It is extremely light and therefore great for hikes in the mountains and it is extremely sharp as you can see in this image.

Happy photographing!

Dominance 02


The Peacock is definitely dominating this image. There is hardly any background if you even want to consider the lawn the background of this image. You might even say that the Peacock created his own background with his beautiful feathers.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Dominance 01

You establish “dominance” in an image when you have one subject and one subject only. The eyes wander automatically to that subject and the background has the function to support your subject. This week I encourage you to shoot images with one clear subject and a background that supports it. Flowers are an easy start with this exercise!


I photographed this plant right after sunset. There is only one subject which dominates the entire image. The background is warm on the bottom and cold on the top making the flower even more interesting.

Enjoy and happy photographing