Flash 07

Late Saturday afternoon I was photographing in Yosemite Valley when i saw a young photographer photographing Yosemite falls with a pop-up flash. I thought, do you have any idea how far your flash can reach? I thought I try to test my little Meike 320 walk-around flash. I removed the diffuser, set the lens to f3.5 and the ISO setting to 800. This is what I got. Not bad! Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Flash 05

I challenge you to continue to work with one or more strobe lights this week.

I took my camera and flash with me this morning on my exercise walk. I like you to compare how much light there is on the closest tree on the right and the second and third tree on the left hand side. You can clearly see how much light one “looses” in just a few feet.

Enjoy this exercise and create some exciting images this week!


Flash 02

I used two small flashes to create this image. One was mounted on the camera with a diffuser and a second one I was holding in my left hand. This flash was configured as a “slave” meaning the the camera mounted flash triggered it.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!

Flash 01

This week I encourage you to photograph with a flash. Most of the time I advise my students to avoid the direct on camera flash. The best way of using a flash is that the viewer does not even realize that the photographer used a flash to create the image.

I often use two flash guns to create my images. One is mounted on the camera and the other I hold with my left hand. When you take a close look at the shadows you get the idea where I positioned the second (slave) flash.

Enjoy the image and keep on working on your images!