Format 04




When you photograph people the format of your image has a huge impact. The perception of the subject, composition, and dynamic change. This is a good example how important the format of your image matters.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Format 03




I just finished a large portrait assignment. They family looked at my proofs which I printed in a 4X6 format. They ordered a lot of 8X10, which is a 4X5 format. I struggled in a few images to get the subject in the new format. In the above sample I cut the had of completely in the square format. The subject changed with the format!

Enjoy and happy cropping! 

Format 02




I photographed the church in Bodie, CA. Bodie is a ghost-town and offers millions of opportunities for photography.

Again, study the impact of using a different format for my subject. In this series I also changed the size of the church. In the third image I enlarged the church slightly.

Enjoy and happy photographing.

Format 01

Pick any image and crop it into a 4X4, 4X5 and 4X6 format. My DSLR naturally has a 4X6 format while many Point and Shoot cameras use a 4X5 format. Study the impact the image format has on the subject of your composition.




I started out with a simple flower shot. The feeling of the subject is totally different in each format I used.

Enjoy and happy photographing!