Stamp Mill

David and I drove into the foothills looking for wildflowers. We stopped in Coulterville, a small foothill community in Central California where I put my glass ball on some old mining equipment to photograph the stamp mill and the old hotel in the background. Sometimes you have a goal and try to photograph and you are successful and sometimes you discover new subjects and you come home with totally different images than you had planned for. That’s all part of the game being a photographer!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Tree in Bryce

First I like to thank all of my fellow photographers that published their favorite tree image last week. it is great to have five talented photographers that are willing to work on a project and are wiling to publicly share their work. Out next project will be seen on this blog in July.

I photographed this tree in Bryce Canyon in Utah. Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Desert Garden

I photographed in a beautiful cultivated desert garden in Southern California. For me desert gardens are fantastic and I feel always drawn to them. They are quite challenging to photograph and it is no fun to slip and fall into one of these cacti, but I am always rewarded with at least one image that I like like this one.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

By the way: Next week (April 2 – 7, 2018) we are having a special week on our photoblog:

Six photographers – Six images – One theme