Life under water 03


Photographing this moon jellyfish was not at easy as one might think. I noticed very quickly that the light in the center of the aquarium was quite lower that the light at the edge. So I started photographing more towards the edge. You can clearly see that there is much more light on the right hand side of the fish than on the left which reminded me of a typical portrait situation where you don’t want to use “flat” for your subject either.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Life under water 01

Photography under water has it’s own challenge. Either you have a a camera that you can use under water or you have to photograph through glass which can create reflections and distorions. This week I challenge you to create at least five images where you photograph mlife under water.


I drove to Monterey, CA to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium to photograph. I took my heavy tripod with me which I was not allowed to use. I had to use higher ISO settings to photograph. Thanks to image stbilization and moise reduction I got some decent images. Camera setting: 28mm focal length, f4, 1/25sec., ISO 800.

Enjoy and happy photographing!