Mud 03


The water inside the pie pan cooked out rather quickly. I turned the stove off and let it cool down a little bit. It looked like a moon landscape was forming. I changed the image into a black and white photo to bring out the structure better.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Mud 02


If you have ever visited Yellowstone National Park you will never forget the impressions of the “mud-pots.” I tried to create something similar by simply putting soil from my yard and water into a pie pan and heat it up. When it started to cook I used my 180mm macro lens and a fill in flash to shoot several images.

Enjoy and keep on creating interesting images!

Mud 01

The exercise for the Chowchilla Photo Club is “mud” for this month. I thought I could join this effort and come up with a few interesting images.


When I saw the mud I was looking for a stick and I put it into the ground. I thought I would call this image “stick in the mud!”

Enjoy and come up with some great ideas!