primary and secondary lines – Object exercise #05


There are two type of lines in this image. On the bottom you see the lines that are created by the shape of the rotor. In addition there is a secondary, very soft round line on the right hand side. I simply dropped a water on the surface of the rotor and the line separates the wet and the dry part of the surface rust. Many times I sprayed water on fruit or flowers when I photographed them so I decided to try it out with surface rust.

Have great ideas when you photograph your subject and don’t forget to have fun!

Seeing the light – Object exercise #05


There is a time in probably every photographer’s life when you have the feeling that all the ideas are gone and the creativity is lost. That happens to me quite often and that is usually the time when new ideas are just about ready to be born. Yesterday I looked at all kinds of possibility to photograph the rotor and I did not like any of them. This morning I suddenly had the idea to experiment with my light setting. I put on of the lights behind the rotor and discovered the dirt and spider webs. Suddenly I had my shot for the day.Don’t give up photographing especially when you feel you are burnt out.

Happy photographing!

Object exercise #05


Would you guess that this is part of a rotor? It could be the entrance to a bunker, an old mine or part of a ship or anything else. I used continuous light coming from the left at about a 45 degree angle. The light setting creates a deep shadow on the bottom right which supports and enhances the feeling of mystery.

Enjoy and happy exercising with your ideas and your camera!

Object exercise #05


Pick an object and photograph it for a week. Use your imagination and combine it with your skills to create something exciting!

I recently had a brake job done on my wife’s car. I kept the rotors and put them out in the elements for a few weeks. Now they are ready to be used for some hopefully exciting photography.

Have a great photographic week!