Overexposed 08


Since leaves are translucent I photographed them using a lightbox as background. Just collect a bunch of leaves and create an arrangement on a piece of glass that is covered with a white sheet and arrange for a light source underneath the sheet and you are ready to go.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Overexposed 01

First, let me wish all of you a wonderful 2013 and let us hope that we all grow in our ability to produce great images!I called the first exercise in 2013 “Overexposed.” There are two ways to create overexposed images. You can use your camera’s exposure compensation ability (read your camera’s manual if necessary) or you can use Adobe Lightroom to overexpose your images, especially if you shoot¬† camera raw files. As always, have fun with this exercise!


This is a typical “overexposed image” that I created on my daily exercise walk. Again, enjoy this exercise and have fun!