Pairs – Summary


At the end of this project I tried to organize my images into a collage. I threw some of my images out and added others. I also realized that I missed things. For instance I did not photograph any human couples. I asked myself why not? What do you think when you look at these images or when you look at your own?

Enjoy your photography and hopefully you join me again for a new exercise on Monday!

Pairs 09


If you are running out of ideas look into your old stuff. I am sure you will find something interesting! I used two of my old phones and photographed them using two strobe lights.

Enjoy and keep on creating great images!

Pairs 05


A couple of T-shirts hanging in front of my office door. It was the perfect shot for me. I just turned them around because I did not want the logo to be a distracting factor.

More next week and keep on looking for pairs!