Plastic 09


I changed the background from black to white and the mood of the image changed completely. The barn-doors almost closed created shadows that are somewhat frightening. This image’s message is, be aware what you are doing human being, your wonderful plastic has long shadows.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Plastic 08


My wife collected small strawberry containers because the people at our fruit-stand told us that they can be re-used. I tried to arrange the containers and then I photographed them using a single strobe light with a barn door.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Plastic 03


If you look around you, you will find plastic everywhere. Our lives are surrounded by plastic like the metal cable is completely covered. One one side it is comforting and on the other side the cable setup looks a little bit frighting to me like it is a setup for a house fire. In other words is the massive amount of plastic a blessing or a course down the road?

Enjoy the image and keep on creating great images!

Plastic 01

The challenge for the next two weeks is to photograph “plastic.” It is around everywhere and you can look in your garbage can or garage and I am sure you will find an abundance of subjects.

As always, enjoy this exercise!


I looked into our kitchen and found all these plastic caps!