Rain 09


Wet surfaces always open up the possibility of some reflection. I shot this image on the back side of the Merced Multi Cultural Arts Center. You can see the word “multicultural” being reflected.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rain 08


The rain stopped for a short time but the water was still running towards the the rain gutters. Since there is such a long dry period in the central California there is a lot of oil on the streets which is clearly visible.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rain 06

We had a major rainstorm last Saturday and Sunday and there are hopefully a few more on the way. This is my opportunity to continue this exercise that I started in March of 2011.


I was hoping to catch a few raindrops as they hit the water on the ground. In addition I I like the color contrast in this image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

During or shortly after the Rain 04


It was actually raining while I took this image. The meadows along the street were ponds and the clouds are hanging over the landscape. This image is very moody that’s probably why we call a “bad” day a “rainy” day. I included the road on the left hand side and while I reflected over the mood of this image I got the idea that no matter how rainy the day might be there is always a road to go.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

During or shortly after the Rain

The weather report for this week is “rain, rain, rain.” This is an opportunity to photograph either during or shortly after the rain stops and everything is still wet. Rain opens up a lot of opportunity for great images and keep in mind that many movies are recorded shortly after the rain stops. As always enjoy this challenge and watch your gear!


I photographed this street sign yesterday in Mariposa, CA. The water came down in buckets and I was standing in front of a store. Luckily there was a large overhanging which helped me and more important my camera to stay dry.