The Room 05


Negative space can be a very important element in your composition. Of course I could have photographed the telephone wire covering the entire image but I thought I get a much more intriguing image using a lot of negative space.

Enjoy, and happy shopping on Black Friday!

The Room 04


I always take my Kenko extension tubes with me and for this photograph I needed them. This image is a close-up of my nightstand in my hotel room. I had to use a tripod and long exposure time since I had no strobes with me and quite frankly I don’t think I would have gotten this image with a strobe.

Happy thanksgiving and create some great images with your family!

The Room 03


Nest I turned to the bed in the hotel room and discovered all kinds of lines. There was very little light in the room calling for long exposure times and/or wide open lenses, meaning a shallow depth of field. Enjoy this image and discover all kinds of great images in a little place.

The Room 02


Looking around in my hotel room I saw the light shining through the bottom of the door separating the door from the floor. Take a close look at the light how it gradually gets dimmer.

Enjoy your photography and discover the many images in a small room.

The Room

The idea for this exercise I got while I was stuck in a hotel room. I decided to do something creative with my time and started looking for subjects inside the room. I was surprised how many great images I was able to create. So, pick a room of your choice and photograph it and observe what you can create at any ordinary maybe even boring place. Enjoy!


The light was coming in just striking  the edge of the lower part of the tv stand.