Rust 09


I am beginning to like this exercise. After photographing the first round on a reflective surface I wondered how the rusty nails would look on small rocks. I tried a few shots and then decided to use only one screw. While I was taking away the two screws some rust fell on the rocks helping me to create this composition.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rust 08


I found some old rusty screws in my backyard and put them on a reflective surface. I decided to use a lamp with a natural light bulb as my main light source. I blocked all other light out as much as possible and photographed the screws using my 180mm macro lens. After experimenting for a few minutes I got this shot.

Enjoy and keep on making great images!

Rust 07


At the Railroad Station in LeGrand somebody left these nails behind. Judging from the amount of rust they were not too long there. For me it was the opportunity for an image for this exercise.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rust 06


While photographing the old Railroad Station in LeGrand, I discovered outside some old farm equipment which is slowly rusting away. I like the different brown tones in this images.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rust 02


I discovered in my backyard this old rusted grill. I photographed early in the morning using just natural light. In post-processing I tweaked the colors just a little bit. The blueish looking leftover coals create a beautiful contrast to the rusted grill.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Rust 01

The exercise for the next two weeks is “Rust.” If you open your eyes and look for it you will find it in many different places. I found a lot of it in historic places or abandoned properties. You find it on cars, fences even at garage sales. Take your camera with you all day and start creating great images!

By the way go to May partner David published a great image!


 I found these old pans in the Ghosttown of Calico, north of Barstow, CA.