Text 08

text 08

I photographed this mural at a small village at the Rhine River. The text reads “Townhall Mittelheim built 1504. See how the text is integrated into the composition! If you see this image from a more distant point the text is interestingly secondary.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Text 07

text 07

Normally our eyes go to the brightest spot in the image. This would be the headlights of the car or the street lights. My eyes go to the El Capitan Hotel sign. It is a relatively dark sign but the test grabs our attention.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

By the way: I photographed this image in my hometown Merced, CA.


Text 06

text 06

How important is text in this image? There is the “Solid Brass” label on the glass and the text behind the bulb. The “Solid Brass” label suggests that the lamp is a quality product. Obviously this lamp is a few years old. Does it hold what the label promised?

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!


Text 05

This week I challenge you to continue to work on text in an image. The insight is that text in an image magically draws attention to itself even if the text is small and hardly readable.

text 05

The text is partially destroyed in this image and still we would like to know what this sign is all about.

Enjoy the image and keep on working on this exercise!


Text 02

text 02

I used a 100mm prime lens at f2.8 to create this image. I focused on the lamp on the left hand side blurring the text on the sign. Despite the blur my eyes are still wandering to the text. This is a good example proofing the power of text in an image!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Text 01

I remember when I got more serious about photography I photographed a swimmer jumping into the water. I got a pretty good image but in the background there was some text and I noticed that my eyes wandered automatically towards the text and not the swimmer. That raised hr question: How do we deal with text. It seems to me that our eyes are drawn to it. How do we integrate text into our composition? This is the challenge for this week. Create great images that have some text! As always be passionate about your images and have some fun with your camera!

text 01

I photographed these windows in Germany. Here the text works as a “bridge” between the two windows.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!