Time of Day 04


I photographed this image at 5:00 PM. The tree is covered in shade by a tree. I used the same setting than in the previous setting except the exposure time changed to 1/6osec. When you compare this image with the previous image you see that this one is by far the darkest of them.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Time of Day 03


I shot the third image at 12:29 PM according to my camera. Again, I used f8 and ISO 100. The exposure time was 1/160sec. What happened? Normally you would expect an exposure time of at least 1/250 which I had at 9:00 AM. The answer is pretty simple. There were a few clouds around blocking the direct sunlight and acting like a large softbox. If you compare the first three images you will find that this one is the softest of all images.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Time of Day 02


I shot this image around 9:00 AM on the same day. I used the same f-stop and ISO setting than in the first image. The exposure time changed to 1/250sec. The light is much more intense and the shadows are much harsher. Imagine you would have photographed a face under the same light condition! Tho hours difference in time, especially in the early morning and late afternoon hours make a world of difference!

 Enjoy and happy photographing!

Time of Day 01

Pick a simple outside object as your subject and photograph it at different times of the day from the same position using the same lens and f stop. This may sound like a tedious exercise but you can learn a lot from it by closely observing the differences in your image. The light at sunrise has a very different quality than the noon light and it is absolutely essential for every serious photographer to do this exercise and experience first hand the difference the light makes on any given subject.


I went out and photographed this landscape rock this morning at around 7:00 AM. I picked f8 for this exercise. Using ISO 100 my exposure time was 1/25sec. The sun was barely out and you see the warm light in the rock. There are hardly any shadows in this image.

As always, enjoy and study the light!