“Elegant” – Dolls – exercise #08


I love to show hands in my portraits. Hands are at least as much revealing the personality of a human being as faces do. I created this image by putting the hand in the lower left corner and the face as much as possible in the upper right corner. Also, look closely at her face. the rim of her right eye (left from the viewer’s point) is right at the edge of her face. Last, The lines of her body are in an angle and she is slightly out of the center of the image. I believe these are all criteria of a great portrait.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Light set for beauty – Dolls – exercise #08


This is a pretty doll with super large blue eyes and blond hair. I used a little variation of the so called butterfly setting. Look underneath her nose and notice the shadow. In a true butterfly setting you would see the shadow underneath both sides of her nose. Also, take a look at her eyes. You see the reflection of the two strobes that I used.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Dolls – exercise #08

Photograph Dolls for a week. Try to use different light sources and light setting. This exercise will give you a good start or improvement of your portrait technique and dolls are patient, forgiving and they pose exactly they way you want.

Don’t forget to have a lot of fun with this exercise!


This is a wonderful example of a classic portrait shot. look into her eyes. You see the reflection of the flash on the right side of her eyes. . Look closely at her cheeks and see the light and the shadows.

Roots of a thistle – Photograph weeds for a week – exercise 07 #03


I was doing some backyard work yesterday. There were some wild thistles growing in one area of my backyard. I threw them into the trash can. The roots of one thistle was sticking out and suddenly the idea was born to photograph it. I decided to use a strobe with a snoot attached to it.

Enjoy and don’t forget: Ideas for photography can pop up at any time. At least write them down if you can’t shoot them on the spot.

Photograph weeds for a week – exercise 07

I normally look for beauty when I photograph flowers (and I photographed many flowers in the past). Usually I overlook weeds and don’t pay attention to them. This exercise helps you to open your eyes to the beauty of weeds. They may not have a beautiful blossom but many of them have an incredible structure. It may be appropriate to convert them into black and white to bring out the structure more clearly.

Enjoy and happy photographing!


The old barber shop – Timed Exercise Walk – exercise 06


I took my latest photographic exercise walk in downtown Chowchilla, CA. This time I used a prime 125mm lens and stopped every two minutes. This walk went a lot better than I thought it would go. At the end I was pretty exited about my images. This image I shot from across the street on Robinson Blvd using the 10 second timer on my camera and a tripod. A lot of cars were passing by and I just got the reflection of a passing car in the window.

Enjoy and happy photographing!