The Wheel 05


I photographed this large wheel handheld at ISO 1600. I had to learn that high ISO settings in digital SLR cameras treat noise different that conventional cameras deal with grain. In the beginning I always tried to use the lowest ISO that was possible. Now I am more courageous and try to shoot with higher ISO setting at least once in a while. Since the wheel was moving a longer exposure time would have blurred the image which I did not want in this shot.  

Happy Friday and enjoy your photography with lots of fun and enthusiasm.

The Wheel 03


This is the wheel on the backside of my camera. I used two strobes to make this image. I shot one strobe into the ceiling of my room and the key strobe at about 1:00 o’clock bundling the light right on the wheel.

Again, be creative with any exercise and always try new things. You might surprise yourself!

The Wheel 01

Wheels are everywhere. They are on your car, in your car, in your child’s room etc. Photograph them in an interesting way. Have fun!


I photographed this wheel in the ghost town of Bodie, CA. The sun was so bright outside that I lookd for shay and inside places. I found an old wagon with great wheels. Enjoy!