Being inside – Looking outside #03


This image has a great feeling of depth. The door knob on the right through the door, along the pathway, the street and the house across the street are all elements of this deep 3D impression. I used a single raw photograph that I developed for the outside first and saved as a tif file. Then I used the same raw file that I developed for the inside of the house. The second image I put as a layer on top of the tif file and created and painted a mask that made the outside of the tif file (outside) visible.

Enjoy and try this easy to use technique.

Being inside – Looking outside

This weeks exercise is about being inside a building and looking outside. You have to deal with two completely different light situations. Usually the light on the outside is much for bright and you get some sort of silhouette of the subject on the inside. There are different methods to solve the problem. You can use a flash to brighten up the inside of you can take two shots, one exposed for the inside and one for the outside and combine them in post-production.

Another issue is focusing and f stop. Do you focus for inside or outside. Do you take two image and combine them in post- production. Do you know the hyper-focal distance of your lens? These are all issues that you have to deal with if you want to create a great image.

As always, have fun with this exercise!


What do you think? Did I use a flash or did I expose twice?

Food 03


Several of my photography teachers pointed out numerous times how important the background of an image is. I photographed this bowl of soup on a blue table cloth. Then I changed the color of the table cloth to red. Watch the difference!


Enjoy photographing and have a great day!

Food 01

Photographing food is not an easy task and not everyone can create images that make the viewer want to eat what he/she sees in an image. I suggest we start this project easy by photographing your daily meals for a week. Have fun with this exercise!


Our dinner salad. I photographed this image using a single umbrella light which was positioned right above the salad bowl. Enjoy and bon appetite!