The Toilet Paper Project 01

This week I ask you to take a roll of toilet paper with you wherever you go to photograph. After you have photographed your subject take another shot after you placed the toilet paper somewhere into the frame. Of course you can start right away with the toilet paper inside the composition. It really get’s great when you create photograph with toilet paper at locations where people don’t expect to find it.


Normally you don’t see tomatoes and toilet paper together. I picked a black background to enhance the contrast.

Enjoy, have fun with this exercise and be creative!

Shoes 01

Photographing shoes are probably one of the oldest exercises in photography. It is definitely a challenge and I thought we should do it this week.


I photographed these shoes using my 85mm portrait lens. I used several f-stops and decided on f2.8. This setting provides enough depth of field for the dark female boots and throws the rest out of focus.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Window challenge 07


The reflection in this window caught my attention. I am sure you noticed that the flower was twice reflected in this old window glass. By the way, I photographed this image in Nevada city, CA , an old gold mining town. My family saw a play in on of the oldest theaters in California and I had all the time in the world to photograph.

Enjoy and happy photographing!