Action 01

Go to a public event and photograph it. You may go to football game, amusement park, local fair, wedding etc. to create your images. If you photograph people make sure you get their facial expressions!As always, have fun!


I went to a local event called “Shakespeare in the Park” and photographed the performance. I did not want to disturb the actors so I used a 100-400 mm lens and my C-sensor camera which as a magnification factor of 1.6. I could walk around in the background and watch the action and photograph to my hearts content.


Composition Frame 05


I went to the Farmer’s Market last night and walking back to my car I saw this light. I got the idea to put a frame around it to block the light and then I decided to mask the upper part of the frame. Then I added a black layer to it which I also partially masked using a soft brush. The hard edge of the frame and the soft edge of the black form a nice contrast.

This image seemed to me an idea image which has some more potential and it needs more work. Art is always art in progress!

Happy week-end and happy photographing!

Composition Frame 01

You can do this exercise on a computer using Photoshop or other programs or you can do it manually on a regular print. What I ask you to do is to draw a square around your subject and observe the difference a simple square makes in an image. If you are a Photoshop user you can also change the inside or outside of the square. As always, enjoy and observe!


I photographed this rose early in the morning. I darkened the part outside the square!