Color Contrast II 03


When you start working on any photographic assignment you will find opportunities almost anywhere. I was on my usual photo-walk at Applegate Park in Merced, when I observed that a city worker cleaned out the fountain. He threw the rose paddles on the ground and opened up the opportunity for me to photograph them.

Enjoy and keep looking and photographing!

Color Contrast 01

Shoot images with dominantly two main colors that are in contrast. the subject should be in one color and the background in the other color.


I created this image using a 50mm prime lens at f 2.8. The subject (leaf) is in brown and the green bush forms the background color.

Enjoy this exercise and Fall colors offers excellent opportunities to create very intriguing images.

PS: I am sure you have noticed that there is a secondary color contrast in this image. The bottom is black and the top is white.