The Blues

This category of butterflies is called Blues, with several subspecies that can become a challenge when trying to identify one because of their similarities. They are very small but beautiful. In the field where I was shooting, I saw a few different different types. This is I believe, a Silvery Blue female. The males are strikingly blue and there was one close by that I was able to get pictures of. This was shot at about 7500 ft. Enjoy your day

Mt. Lassen

This was taken a couple of years ago during the drought. If you were to go to Mt. Lassen right now, even in August, you would see a lot more snow. The road through the park opened very late this year. Wish I was there.

Dies wurde vor ein paar Jahren während der Dürre genommen. Wenn Sie nach Mt. gehen würden. Lassen Sie jetzt, sogar im August, viel mehr Schnee sehen. Die Straße durch den Park öffnete sich sehr spät in diesem Jahr. Ich wünschte, ich wäre da.