Tree in Bryce

First I like to thank all of my fellow photographers that published their favorite tree image last week. it is great to have five talented photographers that are willing to work on a project and are wiling to publicly share their work. Out next project will be seen on this blog in July.

I photographed this tree in Bryce Canyon in Utah. Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Wenn schon nichts blüht, dann muss eben ein farbenfrohes Graffiti für gute Laune sorgen. Diese denkmalgeschützte Steinbaracke von 1937 ist eines der ältesten Gebäude in Wolfsburg und beherbergte einst das Katasteramt, später das Finanzamt. Seit 35 Jahren ist es nun ein Jugendzentrum.

Eucalyptus Tree

I photographed this common Eucalyptus tree on a day where the clouds were moving through the area. I used a ND2000 filter at f22 which resulted in an exposure time of one minute. The long exposure time created the beautiful moving clouds and the motion blur in the leaves. The stopped down aperture created the star in the sun. At the end I converted the image to monochrome to give the picture a more dramatic effect.